This year’s Congress theme is how even in the digital age, magazines are the most effective medium for “Building Engaged Communities”. The theme is rooted in the empirical evidence that in the digital age, marred by information overload and cluttered digital spaces, the need for highly engaged and involved communities is becoming ever more important, as users feel the urge to break away from the clutter of social media lead content deluge, and find solace and comfort in spaces that align with their interests and with like-minded peers.

Magazine brands are uniquely poised to nurture such engaged communities.

The Congress will cover wide ranging conversations- innovative editorial and publishing models for nurturing involved communities, reader revenues at the centre stage of publishing, product thinking and technology enablers for digital publishing, power of compelling branded content, fixing distribution challenges, creating new IPs from editorial content, and much more.


Morning Plenary: New Paradigms for Magazine Publishing

Timing Sessions Speakers
9:00- 10:00 Registration and Coffee
10:00-10:10 Welcome address Srinivasan B
10:10-10:40 AIM Initatives : Magazine Publishering rediscovering Relevance Anant Nath, Manoj Sharma, Dhaval Gupta
10:40-11:20 Policy enablers for Magazine Publishers to Nurture a Million Communities Anurag Thakur, Minister of Information & Broadcasting (TBC)
11:20- 11:50 Re-imagining corporate structure for nurturing mutliple magazine communities Minette Ferriera, Media 24, South Africa
11:50-12:15 Tea
12:15- 12:25 Product Management Innovations for Magazines Jayant Shriram, Innovation Media Consulting
12:25- 12:45 Perspectives from around world James Hewes, President, FIPP
12:45-1:15 The Mint Newsroom’s journey into digital subscriptions: What we have learned so far Nikhil Kannekal, Head of subscriber experience, HT Digital Streams
1:15- 2:15 Lunch
2:15-2:40 Striking gold by Nurturing Nano Communities Jean-Paul Reparon, MD, Agrimedia, Netherlands
2:40-3:00 How magazine businesses in India have metamorphosed into Futuristic Multi media platforms ? Anurag Batra, Business World
2:45- 3:00 PM Careers 360’s journey to create an engaged student platform to help them make the right career call Mahesh Peri, Founder, Careers 360
3:00-3:25 PM How one article on a Norwegian niche site generated $80,000 in revenue Jan Thoresen, Labrador CMS, Norway
3:25- 3:50 PM AI and Media Ethics Jaspreet Bindra, Aditya Berlia, Nikhil Pahwa
3:50- 4:20 PM Product Management & Technology solutions for Magazines Sandeep Amar, Jay Meattle, in conversation with Dhaval Gupta
4:20-5:00 PM Digital Paywall journey for Magazines in India JP Reparon, Jan Thoresen, Nikhil Kannekal, B Srinivasan, Anant Nath, in conversation with DN Mukherjea
5:00-5:30 PM Networking Break

Evening Plenary: Magazines and Advertising

5:30-5:35 PM Welcome back Anant Nath
5:35- 6:00 PM Keynote: How global publishers are leveraging advertising opportunities with Magazine brands James Elliot, President, James Elliot & Co.
6:00- 6:45 PM ROAS v Engagement: How Magazines can participate in enhancing brands’ engagement with their communities Mohit Joshi, Anita Nayyar, Shashi Sinha, Partha Dattagupta,in conversation with Kalli Purie
6:45- 7:30 PM Global Perspectives on Magazines’ Unique Positioning for Branded Content James Elliot, Minette Ferriera, James Hewes, Sukhleen Aneja, in coversation with Tarun Rai
7:30- 7:50 PM Dastaan Hub: Branded Content studio by AIM, and announcement of Magazine advertising Awards Srinivasan B, Anant Nath, Manoj Sharma, Dhaval Gupta and Anurag Batra, exchange4media
7:50-8:00 PM Closing Notes Srinivasan B and James Hewes
8:00-10:00 PM Srinivasan B and James Hewes


James Hewes
Jean Paul Reparon
Jean Paul Reparon
Minette Ferreira
Minette Ferreira
Jan Thoresen
Jan Thoresen
Jim Elliott
Jim Elliott