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Malayala Manorama group comes out with "Manorama Traveller"

Manorama Traveller is a malayalam magazine, that mirrors the passion to travel. It brings out the essence of how different each location is, in terms of food, culture, habits, people; be it a local or an international destination. It is a magazine, which relates to the travelling spirit , within each person.

Manorama Traveller covers various destinations, tourist establishments, hotels and homestays, which are essential to every traveller’s itinerary. It aims to focus on off-beat, as well as main stream holiday destinations.

It is a window to our beautiful world , that inspires and develops the desire to travel. The magazine has a tie-up with Guardian syndicated features.

The target group of the magazine would be M/F 18+ ;Sec AB, primarily people who love travelling.

Author: aimorgindev22
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