AIM : Association of the Indian Magazines
AIM : Association of the Indian Magazines

AIM organises Digital Workshops

The Association of Indian Magazines (AIM) organised two workshops on Digital publishing  along with Google. Both the workshops received an overwhelming response from the publishing fraternity.


The first workshop was held at Mumbai on March 27th, 2015 and the second one at Gurgaon on April 14th, 2015. The Mumbai workshop had 68 participants from 21 companies while the Gurgaon workshop had 66 participants from 22 companies.


The workshops emphasized the growing importance of digital publishing, its rise as an important medium for offering niche content to readers, the infinite innovation possibilities that digital platform can offer to magazine publishers and the challenges of monetizing digital publishing.


All the participants found the workshops very informative and worthwhile. At AIM, we hope that these workshops enabled the participants to help transform their roles within their respective organizations to be in-line with the digital future.  


Few selected presentations of these workshops are available at our website for free download.